"Strategy requires thought, tactics require observation."

Max Euwe, Chess Master, 1901-1981

Special Expertise

Sometimes, when conducting your business which is in your domain of specialization, you may need other expertise which require more experience than we possibly have. Furthermore, management of economic, social and environmental impact of overall value chain of the sector in which you are operating, also including waste management, entails issues which require high level expert attention.

We provide support to your decisions which need special expertise in the areas of food safety, R&D in food sector, combatting with climate change through our water and carbon management services

Food and R&D

Would humans change the food or vice versa?...

Concepts are in constant change in food sector. Food safety, reliable food, food waste, healthy diet, food additives, natural food, sustainable agriculture, genetic, synthetic, organic... We introduce you real experts and researchers who knows R&D in the food sector and could foresee the potential developments

In very general terms, risk is the likelihood of the realization of the undesired outcomes. Even if the public authorities are able to contain the risks within the acceptable margins, unless they are able set up a successful communication network with the rest of the public, the gap widens between the risk perception of the people and the reality. This is exactly what happens in the food sector. Due to this, researches conducted by the leading food companies and research institutions concerning the determination of risks and controlling them do not echo in the ears of the public.

It is getting more important to understand the links between food, nutrition and health. Therefore, there is an increasing interest to understand this link and also growing need for the researches in the areas of R&D and product development to find answers to the expectations and sensitivities of the public and the consumer trends across the world. We support your efforts to provide healthy and reliable products into the national and international markets.

Carbon and Water Management

Do you think that the climate change would affect us too?...

We facilitate the companies, investing in low carbon technologies like renewable energy and resource productivity, to have access to carbon financing. In addition, though it is still less expensive today, we share our deep experience in management of water resources which would be invaluable in near future.

We assist companies in specifying and management of the risks they would face due to the climate change. Towards that purpose, we provide support for you to develop a road map to specify carbon and water footprints of your services and products and how you can effectively reduce them.

Through our services in carrying out Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), calculation ecologic footprints, we contribute to your efforts for better managing of your risks and benefiting from opportunities. Followings are the few examples of our services in this context.

Climate services/Resource productivity and sustainable and clean production / Industrial symbiosis and eco-industrial parks/Sustainable water and waste water management/Climate change and carbon management