"To the man who only has a hammer, everything he encounters begins to look like a nail."

Abraham Maslow, Psychologist, 1908-1970

Research and Development

The most essential component of doing a research properly, is that the demand for it should be made clearly and; the most critical part of it is to translate its findings into strategic decisions. Companies should be well prepared for the change coming out of knowledge generated by such researches and should be able to ask the right questions.

On the other hand, sustainability is to position your institution correctly to manage a sturdy development process in line with the tomorrow’s necessities so as to accommodate changes at national and global level and comprehend tomorrow’s targets and risks.

We as EWA give support and manage your research and development activities through our consultancy services in research, sustainability, customer and market development.

Research Consultancy

So what you are saying is; we do not know the market!..

Perhaps, you think it is too early and costly to do a research. Yet, when compared with the wrong decisions, research could prove to be the least cost learning method. The most critical point is to decide what type of research you need to do and how to use its findings.

You will need a lot of research while doing your job. R&D, analyses of new markets, product development, feasibility studies, researches on marketing and sale strategies, analyses of customer behaviors and attitudes, customer and employee satisfaction analyses, corporate reputation analyses, communication researches, brand value analyses, impact analyses and many more...

We determine your information needs which are most appropriate and specific to your sector, your targets and also most compatible with your corporate position and business phase. We study what portion of such information can be obtained through research, manage your research request and give support to you to turn such information into strategic decisions.

Sustainability Consultancy

Aligning with the World? What does it mean?..

We know you have superb objectives that should be backed up. But to what extent your objectives are in harmony with goals of your sector, of your customers and of World in general? Is the tomorrow you dream of the same as with those of your stakeholders?

Sustainability is the most important phenomena of recent years jointly influencing public and private sectors and each individual across the world. We all aspire for sustainable future and develop plans with this in our minds. On the other hand, all governments in the World try to reach an agreement to draw a road map to be followed within the framework of “Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) “under the auspices of United Nations (UN).

Sustainability, in essence, is an effective risk management. At the beginning when sustainability work is initiated, the common problem which is encountered is difficulty in integrating it into strategies. The major reason for this is that sustainability is dealt with as a separate category. Yet, when companies make each decisions about investment, logistics, procurement, employment, advertising, communication, they make decisions at the same time about sustainability. We provide support to you on your journey for sustainability, so that you can be aware and see the effect of each decision you made on the sustainable growth. We analyze how much your strategies, your products and services coincide with the global objective and make sure that you apprehend the tomorrow’s world and be prepared for it as an enterprise.

Customer and Market Development

We use only half of our capacity? How so?..

You are doing a job that you set your heart on. Perhaps, you want to share the goods and services you produce and the value you created even with the whole of the world. You increase your capacity. But such demand you longed for never happens and you are left with underutilized capacity.

There may be numerous reasons why good quality of products and services are unable to receive demand they deserve. Markets and customers may not be ready, your products and services may not yet be known, the other products and services required for your products and services not yet properly developed, you may not be known, fear, worries or distrust about the post-sale services might be the reasons.

We support you to use your capacity efficiently, formulate sound strategies for the targeted markets and customers, initiate relevant and effective studies, establish partnerships, design and manage your corporate affairs and communication.